Pallid harrier C|3 in Spain

Beatriz Arroyo with female C|3 ringed as a young of the first officially established breeding pair of pallid harriers in the Netherlands. Photograph: François Mougeot

Great news from southern Europe: Dutch pallid harrier C|3 is breeding in Spain!

On June 2 we receive great news from Spain: there the renowned harrier researchers and protectors Beatriz Arroyo and her husband François Mougeot (Spanish National Research Council | CSIC · Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinegéticos (IREC)), in search of breeding short-eared owls in northern Spain, discover a pair of breeding pallid harriers. For Spain this is the first officially established breeding pair of this species.

And guess what?! The female of this pair wears a black colour ring with code C|3. A ring she received in 2017, as one of the four young of the first officially established Dutch breeding pair of pallid harriers!

This Spanish pallid harrier pair fledges one young.

Female C|3 in Spain. Photograph: François Mougeot

In 2017 the female pallid harrier breeding in Spain, received her colour ring as young in the Netherlands. Photograph: Griet Nijs